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LEXUS LX570 - Overview


LEXUS LX570 - Overview

The Lexus LX is one of the Lexus SUV models that is attached to a prestige status. Being a pioneer of the SUV genre within Toyota's premium brand family, the Lexus LX offers a tough vehicle that can be the most reliable compatriot on tough off-road terrain, but can also exude an aura of stability and masculinity when used to cut through dense urban streets with hundreds of towering skyscrapers.

History records that the Lexus LX first debuted in 1996 with the LX 450 type which uses the code J80. Development occurred in 1998, with the LX 470 codenamed J100 as the second generation of the Lexus LX. And the last generation, the LX 570 with the body code J200, has been on the streets of the world since 2008, with a major change in 2016.

After more than a decade of being trusted as the High Luxury SUV of choice for Indonesian consumers, now Lexus provides a new trim for the LX 570. Named the Lexus LX 570 Sport, this car is designed to maximize the aggressive side of this car through a significantly changed appearance from the standard version.

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